We’re happy to make you happy

The culture at SunConnect Faliraki Hotel is one where attention to detail is paramount. Smiles are our secret weapon. No need is ever too challenging and we have fun the process.

Melina Axiotis (General Manager)

Hello and welcome to our resort! My name is Melina, but please call me Mel :-) I have the honor of being General Manager of the resort and together with my team I will do everything to ensure that each one of you has an unforgettable vacation.

Manos Stylianou (Operations Manager)

Hello! My name is Manos and I am the manager of SunConnect Cyprotel Faliraki. I may not be as warm and bubbly as Melina and Roy, but please be free to come to me and find everything you need

Roy (Junior Operations Manager)

Hello everybody! I am Roy. I am Junior Operations Manager and support Melina and Manos. See that both are flooded with heavy work schedules, just come and find me if you want something.