Covid19 Policies 2022

Posted on April 07, 2022

Dear guests and friends,

It has been a stressful and turbulent time for everyone and the rapidly changing travel information available has not helped in making decisions as to when you will be able to get away for a much needed and well-deserved break.

To start off it is important to note that your safety and well being is our top priority which is why we are monitoring the situation very closely, working with Tour Operators and government officials to ensure we provide you with the latest up to date information concerning your potential travel arrangements. The Hotel Team is here for you and we are listening to all the questions and concerns you may have through email, phone and social media. And because we know that this is certainly not the time for more surprises, we have uploaded our framework and outline of our core COVID-19 hotel operations policies for Summer 2022 so that everyone knows exactly how our hotels will operate prior to arrival.

This information will be constantly updated according to the changes in national laws and regulations

Bars & Restaurants

1.When queuing it is mandatory that guests maintain a 1metre distance between themselves and other guests who are not sharing a room with them or who are not part of the same travelling party.

2. In order to ensure that the best possible sanitation measures are taken whilst adhering to health & safety regulations concerning no glassware around pool areas, we have switched to disposable cardboard cups

3. The protective plexiglass screens that have been installed in front of the bar counters are mandatory to prevent possible contamination through respiratory droplets whilst ordering beverage; guests will be served through the opening slots available.

4. The maximum number of guests seated at the same table may not surpass 6 people and this only applies to guests who are travelling within the same party. Guests who do not make up part of the same travelling party must be seated separately from each other with at least a 1m distance.

5. When leaving a table guests are kindly asked to tilt the chairs so that the pool boys are made aware that they must disinfect the tables and chairs to make them available for the next guests.

6. As per local health & safety regulations the maximum capacity of guests permitted at a given time during meals in our main restaurant whilst abiding by the mandatory 1metre distance range between tables is:

-150 guests seated on the outside terrace
-150 guests seated indoors
Guests will therefore have to accept and understand that our Host Manager will be stationed at the restaurant entrance to monitor the number of guests entering and leaving the restaurant and redirecting them back to the restaurant accordingly.

7. Upon entering the restaurant guests will be required to use the antiseptic gel to sanitize their hands and prior to serving themselves from the buffets.

8. The use of face masks is not mandatory but is highly recommended as the meals are served in buffet style which means guests will be required to queue.

9. All food and beverages are self-service, but guests are required to sanitize their hands with antiseptic gel prior to touching any serving utensils.

10. Only disposable napkins will be made available.

11. Tables and chairs will be kept bare so that they may be sanitized quickly after every use. This also means that there will be no salt & pepper shakers, flowerpots, or any other items to be found on the dining tables.

Sports & Activities

1. Fitness activities such as Stretching, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Aerobics, Dance Lessons, Aqua Aerobics etc will be organized but only in large open spaces with guests maintaining a minimum distance of 1 meter.

Prior to classes commencing guests must sanitize their hands with the antiseptic gel provided. Our animators will clean and disinfect the fitness mats and equipment used prior to each class.

2. Sports Activities such as Table Tennis, Boccia, Darts, Archery, Rifle Shooting, Tennis, Foot Tennis will be organized provided guests wear protective disposable gloves. All equipment will be sanitized with a virucide prior to every guest use.

3. External shows & performances will recommence, but it is important to note that our amphitheater may only accommodate 40% of its capacity as guests must keep a minimum of 1 meter distance from guests not in their traveling party.

Rooms and Housekeeping

COVID-19 has scientifically been proven to be transmitted through the contact of contaminated surfaces, therefore, to minimize the risk of contamination we have decided the following:

1. Guest rooms will be serviced and disinfected 6 times a week to decrease the risk of guest or staff contamination.

2. When servicing guest rooms our chambermaids will follow the below cleaning procedures:

a)Chambermaids must wear a new set of disposable gloves upon entering each new guest rooms

b)Windows and balcony doors will be left wide open whilst chambermaids clean to ensure proper ventilation

c) Guests cannot remain in their room while the cleaners service the rooms

d) Chambermaids are not permitted to touch guest’s personal belongings, so it is imperative that all personal belongings are kept in the closet or in the guest’s suitcase and that side and vanity tables are left bare. Chambermaids will not service rooms whose tenants do not abide by this rule

e) Extra clean towels will be left in the room so that guests do not require to have frequent deliveries made.

f) Pool towels may be requested only once during a guest’s stay and cannot be exchanged for fresh ones.

3. For new arrivals chambermaids will follow the below cleaning procedures:

a) A virucide cleaning agent will be used to disinfect Knobs and handles of doors and windows, Washbasins, towel racks, sinks, taps, toilet roll holders, Drawers, tables, chairs, hangers, safe boxes, baby cots, Switches, telephones, TV’s and remote controls, Mini fridges and Curtains

b) All bed linens including blankets will be washed and disinfected after every guest check out and the rooms will be steam washed.

c) Rooms will remain unoccupied for a minimum safety period of 4 hrs in between check outs and check ins. Specifically check out is at 11:00 and check in is at 15:00

Reception, check in/out Policy

1. Arrivals:

a) Upon disembarking from their airport transport, guests must carry their own luggage and personal items and leave them in the designated luggage room.

b) Guests must disinfect their hands using the antiseptic gel provided at the entrance of the reception hall.

c) Guests are required to keep a 1-meter distance from other guests who are not part of their traveling party whilst queuing at reception to check in.

d) The reception desk has been fitted with a protective plexiglass screen to prevent possible contamination through respiratory droplets whilst speaking to reception staff. Room keys and any other information material will be handed through the slots provided.

e) The city tax must be paid upon arrival (preferably by card) at which point guests will receive their room key. To facilitate check in and avoid gathering many people in one area, guests will be able to fill out their registration forms when in their room. The form must be left on the vanity table so that the porter may pick it up.

f) Only disabled or elderly guests will be transported to their room by buggy. The remaining guests must carry their own luggage and personal items to their rooms.

g) The information point touch screen has been removed; guests will now receive information about the hotel, it’s venues and services through printed leaflets or through the guest’s preferred digital form (email, messenger, Viber, WhatsApp) which they can provide us with upon check in.

h) Unless it is an emergency, we encourage our guests to dial 0 for the Reception Desk from their room phones, to contact us on social media or to use the provided telephone number which accesses Viber & WhatsApp for any queries or request they may have. This will reduce the flow of guests visiting the reception desk minimizing the risk of contamination.

i) Check in will be available from 15:00 to ensure that the chambermaids have ample time between check out and check in to sanitize the rooms.

j) The maximum capacity of guests permitted in the elevator is 4 pax. Only pregnant women, the elderly, the very young and the disabled will be allowed to use the elevator.


a) Check out should be done no later than 11:00 a.m. in order to allow a sufficient margin of time for the rooms to be fully disinfected and prepared for new arrivals.

b) Upon check out room keys must be placed in the box provided by the receptionists so that they may be disinfected with a virucide.

c) All Inclusive bands will be removed by reception staff with a sanitized pair of scissors that will be disinfected after every use.

d) Prior to departure, luggage may be stored in the luggage room but no porter service will be available.

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