Nature Trails of Rhodes

A moderate circular tour (1 h 20 min) starts and finishes at Petaloudes. Follow the main walk as far as the 40 min mark – to the viewpoint at the top of the crest. Here, when the main walk continues to the right on a faint track, the short walk heads down the track to the left. Ten minutes down this track, come to a junction: turn sharp left and head straight down. The Psinthos (macadam) road is met in five minutes. Turn left. A little over five minutes walking returns you to the Kalopetra Monastery. Here you can either rejoin the Petaloudes path we climbed at the start of the walk or continue down the road back to the bus stop (another twenty minutes). Equipment: sturdy shoes, sunhat, sunglasses, suncream, long-sleeved shirt, cardigan, picnic, water.

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